It’s Time To Invest In The Future Of Our Planet

Let’s Partner to Build Solar Farms.

Up To $1,500 Per Useable Solar Acre

Lease Your Land & Make Passive Income For 25 Years

Landowners are you interested in leasing your land for passive income for 25 years.


  • At least 15 acres of land.
  • Sun exposure/shading analysis.
  • Township review.
  • Engineering analysis.
  • proximity to the Electric Grid and/or Transmission Lines.
  • If approved a lease is created.
  • Construction Commences.
  • Solar Farm goes live.
  • Lease payments start.

Financial Example – 20 Useable Solar Acres

Up to $1,500 per useable solar acre = $30,000 per year or $2,500.00 per month with a 1.5% increase every year.

Let’s Partner To Build Solar Farms

Let’s Partner To Build Solar Farms

We Plan Each Project Individually

We Provide Research & Analysis Of Land

We are committed to completing projects

About Us

We Are A Developer Of Solar Farms

Sanik Solar uses the Sun as an alternative to fossil fuels to create Energy. We use State of the Art Solar Panels to capture the Sun’s Rays and convert it into electricity.